TheORLOWSKA is a cutting edge creative talent agency that harnesses today’s technologies to create a truly global space, connecting creative talent and companies from across Europe to the Caribbean and other parts of the world. Our team of professionals in Media and Entertainment Management are developing synergies between commercial companies and creative freelancers. We are proudly representing our group of creatives and establishing innovative connections between them and clients. We are also outsourcing creatives from a vast pool of talent outside the agency. 

A combination of talent and focused education by our management team allows us to be qualified and competent to work in music, art, fashion and media. 

Founded and run by Ania Orlowska






Currently we officially 

represent at least 30 

professionals in different areas.


Our extended portfolio of talents holds more than 300 

creatives. Constantly growing.


One of the photographers I work with once said in the interview for a magazine that I am 'the chop chop lady' cause I get sh*t done, fast and nice...' 


I have to admit getting stuff done gives me a sense of accomplishment. I'm a media and entertainment manager by profession and a magnet for talents. For many years I traveled and met lots of random people from different walks of life ... Many of these seemingly random people were creatives. I  got passionate about their passion so today I help artists sell their talents and the universe pays me back. Call it a business philosophy, one thing is sure: I'm great at recognising talent, finding the right ones for the job and creating the whole big picture of how to use this talent in a project.


I have been involved in many different creative projects which included production of the festival stage, music events, exhibitions, production of the photoshoots and many more. I have seen that often people in need of talents do not have the ability to imagine how this particular artist could contribute to make their project look outstanding. I help them see it and find the right talent to deliver the extraordinary end result. Creatives I work with and select to represent have their own strong style and often do some unusual creative things.


Nowadays when it seems like everything has been done and tried already it takes an open mind to look for the creative variety and these kind of open minds I love to work with as clients.


I will connect all the dots for you.



'the chop chop lady'

Ania Orlowska - the founder of THE ORLOWSKA AGENCY, the mind behind photographer booking platform BOOKING A PHOTOGRAPHER and editor in chief of island lifestyle & creativity magazine  BASSCULTURE ISLANDS. 







I'm Ania Orlowska - the founder of THE ORLOWSKA AGENCY, the mind behind photographer booking platform BOOKING A PHOTOGRAPHER and editor in chief of island lifestyle & creativity magazine  BASSCULTURE ISLANDS. 


If you like to view my own creative, visual outflow grab a free digital copy of the magazine I have created with the love for travelling the sea, sand and sun: Bassculture Islands. 

I select talents represented in the magazine, do the interviews, editing and the layout of the magazine. 


‘Look into my mind and see it through my eyes.’

- Ania Orlowska

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Island lifestyle & creativity magazine created and edited by Ania Orlowska 

If you think I can help you with your creative project but not sure how. Let's grab a coffee or arrange a phone call to discuss how I can contribute to your vision. No obligations, no fees just a nice, creative meeting. Don't hesitate.  


  •  I have a degree in Music Management

  • to all Amsterdamers: I was the one who initiated and created from scratch Bass Stage @ Amsterdam OpenAir Festival AND  was a part of early days of Bassculture Foundation and helped throwing a lot of music events with the organization

  • I  regularly deliver content to airport magazines published by media platform

  •  I design my own website

Interview with Ania 


Lifestyle/Fashion Photographer Kerron Riley and multitalented Amsterdam based Fashion Designer Minivila teamed up to showcase some pieces from her new collection. Her great workspace/studio was the perfect playground for Kerron to shoot and be marveled by the views of the Amsterdam Westerdocks. All this was filmed and edited by videographer Realislandvoice. theOrlowska Agency team was on hand to add to the creative flow and the entire team just had great fun.


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