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(Urban/Caribbean music/soca/



D - One




The Netherlands



There are DJ's and then there are real DJ's. D-One is no doubt as real as they get. He lives by one divine rule, ‘spread the joy!’ And this is what D- One tries to achieve in every aspect of his life, especially when spinning. The understanding of how to control a crowd is a talent mastered by D- One, which, when combined with his energy, charisma, awesome presence and off-course insane mixing skills creates something absolutely special.The perfect party experience!​

D-One a.k.a. Daryl Rodulfo was born on the exotic island of Trinidad, which explains the sultry Caribbean vibe that smoothly seduces his sets. At the tender age of 8 he would sneak into his uncle’s room and fire up the techniques whenever he could steal a moment. By watching his uncle spin and then mimicking his actions was essentially how D- One learnt the basics. After his parents migrated to the United States, D-One's musical education flourished as he absorbed the sounds emanating from the streets of New York City and all that Urban America had to offer...

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