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Didgeridoo Beatbox


GoEyesful - Eyesful
Chasing the chicken - Eyesful

Eyesful was told once at a young age. "You are doing human beatbox !" He's never stopped since to get a better understanding of what it meant to be a beatboxer and part of the beatbox community. Using his mouth and voice Eyesful plays along his favorite artist (Bob Marley, Bobby Mcferrin, the fat boy, Slick rick, General Levy...) and covers nature and industrial sounds. He eventually physically meets other beatboxers. They were able to recognize him within sec after he started beatboxing. So he became aware he had a distinguishable style. This observation motivated him to do the first french beatbox battle in 2006. This experience took him up to the 8th of final against Mic Spawn.

Eyesful had already moved to the Netherlands. After visiting on holidays he started busking with a microphone and an amplifier. The police had warn him a few times that if he wanted to play amplified he should have a license. Until one day policewomen suggested that he should play didgeridoo since it is not amplified, they would not bother. "You already sound like one" she said... He was almost offended. Yet the next day he was sitting in the streets playing the didge and off course beatboxing through it. Since 2005 Eyesful started to play with different bands from the Netherlands (Saskia Laroo's band, Susane Ganser), DJ's (DJ Koldun), and other musicians like javirulus marugalas, Tomas Fris, Swarup (Hang). 2005 is also the beginning of a tour for a theater show from ISH institute called "Balls". In which he beatboxed, played didgeridoo acted and danced.

Little history of Eyesful