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Future Perfekt








San Francisco, Ca,  USA




​FUTURE PERFEKT aka Mitchell Wilcox


Future Perfekt is a brainchild of Mitchell Wilcox that embarks on a musical journey and embraces a myriad of styles from rock to post-dubstep, from jazz to drum and bass, all coalesced into one refined sound that stirs the soul and enchants the mind.

Having graduated from Stanford University with a major in Music, Science and Technology, Mitchell transcends genres and instruments as he masterfully crafts sonic universes that he creates, arranges, and produces by himself. Through use of cinematic strings fit for a Hollywood movie production, coupled with 8 bit melodies reminiscent of early Nintendo games, Mitchell creates a unique cache of sounds and textures arranged in a seemingly perfect unearthly harmony that draws you in like the bright chord progressions of Stevie Wonder accented by the eccentricities of Bjork. For a truly inspiring listening experience, Mitchell Wilcox is one of the truly talented, sonic innovators of our time.

Mitchell has toured internationally with local hip hop legends Zion I, American Idol Finalist La Toya London and DJ heavyweight An-ten-nae, making him no newcomer to the scene.  Future Perfekt currently features some of the Bay Area’s finest musicians for performances, while effectively cross pollinating the organic vibration of live instruments with the most cutting edge elements of laptop-based DJ electronic music, creating an aural solace that is perfectly suited for today’s musical landscape.

New Release. 2013.

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