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NAME                                                             TALENT                                                                             2 CREATIVE AREAs                                   LOCATION                                FOLLOW​​

                                                                   Dj/Producer/Sound Technician                               Music/ Art                                            Madrid, Spain             

                                                                   Wear/Sticker/Accessories Art Designer

Ionn Connor     

​Venezuelan by birth, a plastic artist from childhood, professional sushi chef with 12 years of experience.

Currently working full time on a personal project:



Especially focused on Bass music, featuring on Madrid underground bass culture scene. In 2003, in Alsmeer, Netherlands, he began with djing Drum n' Bass and Ragga. In 2010 he moved to the city of Madrid, where he began his studies on sound, going into the underground parties circuit, starting with production of electronic music such as Dubstep, D&B and Trap Music, in a creative process that is increasing and continues to this day.

As a medium-term project he took up development of an acoustic speaker system installation to be installed in art galleries. For this he has been training with a few colleagues working on classic Jamaican style / Soundsystem culture (Nyabinghi Dub Soundsystem Collective).


Began 2013 with his own portfolio of t-shirt and sticker art design, which are sold and distributed worldwide. He also got himself into jewelry/music & video accessories design

(bracelets, necklaces, wallet chains ect.)

"I consider myself a 'world citizen', a lover of conspiracy theories, of the Heavy Metal, Bass Music, the live sh​ows and the planet earth

as a living  organism and conscious."

T-shirt designs

Sticker designs

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