Location: Poland

Creative area: Media


Are you more of a graphic designer or an illustrator?


When it comes to this series of work I’m a graphic designer but I also love creating illustrations using traditional tools like pencils and pen. 


What kind of techniques are you using to create these amazing images?


I work in Photoshop by merging pictures of models taken by my husband with my pictures of elements or textures surrounding us. I often use the paper forms I make by myself I photograph them and use them as graphics on the images.


How do you decide which element to use on a photo?


Usually I have an idea, a concept and I look for a proper image. I try out few different images that could match the concept and select the one. The whole creative process is partly an adventure with an unknown ending.


What are your creative intentions when you illustrate a picture?


I aim to create a portrait of a woman that would highlight features like beauty, feminine side, individuality, sometimes also mystery and loneliness. I try to create unusual vibe and take the observer into a different reality. It is also a form of a play with forms and colors, the search for new outcomes.

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