Jonny Bravo

DJ/Producer/Video editor

Location: Poland

Creative area: Music/Media

Johnny Bravo is an artist name of a Polish music producer and DJ, Łukasz Kalinowski. He became known for his remix done for Quincy Johnnes

In 2010 his debut single ‘Sunrise I feel’ became one of the most popular club songs all over Poland. It became a sort of a trademark of Johnny Bravo’s music.


Another single ‘Holding U’ recorded with Polina Griffith  from Hed Kandi was included in the most popular chill out compilation ‘Chillout 8 P.M.’ in Poland.

You can find Dj Johnny Bravo all over Poland in prestigious clubs playing live sets that include musicians (drums, saxophone and live vocals). Together with Monika Kurczera he also started a record label called Audioheat Records. They are dedicated to promoting young musical talents. His latest passion is video recording and editting with excelent music synchs.


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