'The Little Thoughts'

NAME   by Kaja Kolodziejczyk


TALENT                    Recycled Art




LOCATION               Amsterdam

Start from one little thought, add a bit of love and magic and bigger ideas will grow starting neverending process of creation.

It's like planting a little seed to see the big miracle appear.


The Little Thoughts

All the art pieces are ranging in size between

5#5 cm to 10#10cm

Kaja's recycled art is the collection of miniature collage pictures. To create them she is using variety of materials mosty found randomily like: picture from the old magazine, old photo, vintage postcard, lost earring, dried flowers or leaves, piece of wood or

a little stone found on the street....But she selects them most carefully.


'They have to speak to me, have their own history, a soul, mysticism. Only then I can recycle them into my pictures, creating something both old and new, which has it's past but also the future.

The beauty of their imperfection makes them alive. Because of that we can see that nothing stays as it is. I believe if the picture is perfect it's dead. There is no more development in it and it's not interesting anymore to the artist nor the viewer.

I like to present the pictures on their own or joined together, having endless possibilities of creating a different and bigger picture.'


- Kaja Kolodziejczyk "The Little Thoughts"

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