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Ladelin Garcia








Trinidad and Tobago



The M.Danse Collective

" Dancing for me is a therapy"


Ladelin Garcia about her passion for dance. Interview.

How did your passion for dance start?

I started dancing when I was 6 years old, I remember doing a school show case (in Venezuela) and I loved it immediately, since then I started taking dance classes.

How long have u been dancing?

Well it's a long story but to make it short, I have been in and out of dance due to money and personal issues, but total I have been dancing (Modern/ contemporary and Afro-Venezuelan Dance) for 13 years including my time in Venezuela and here in Trinidad

What is the story with M. Danse collective?


I see u are one of the 3 girls who started it. How did it happen? Yes, M. Danse Collective is a dream come true, Megan Navarro and I became goods friends after me taking a year off from school (BFA major in Dance at UTT), I started taking classes with her and then early this year she came up with this wonderful idea of a dance company, she invited me to be a part of it as my background is Afro- Venezuelan folk dance I loved the idea because I always wanted to introduce my culture in Trinidad and this is a big opportunity to do so. Now we are working together towards our first dance show in December this year.


What do u express thru your dance? What does it mean to u in your life?

Dancing for me is a therapy, a wonderful feeling, through dance you can express your soul and spirit without saying a word, I use dance to express my feelings when I'm sad, happy, etc.. it relaxes me and makes me forget any negatives in my life....dancing is the only language the whole world understands....

How did u get into modelling?


Well... actually I never modeled back in Venezuela, I only discovered my liking for it a few year ago when a photographer (friend) introduced me to it back in 2003, since then I have done commercials, ads, tv, prints and many others, only commercial though because I don't have the height for runway....just to name a few: Bmobile, Angostura, Digicel, Republic Bank TT, Ferreira Optical, Sunshine snacks, Candy shoe etc....

Which one of the 2 (modelling or dance) you are more passionate about?

Dance of course.

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