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How did this passion start?

Since I was really little, I was always busy
creating things, drawing, painting etc.

What made you draw on a photo the first time?

After I painted a model in cooparation with
a friend photographer. Someone saw the photo
and asked me to illustrate my first photoshoot.

What is that you like about what you do and why you do it?

It gives an enormous feeling of freedom to create something new.

I can make my fantasy come alive.
Most of my work consists out of a combination
of the two things I really love, fashion and art.


When did you start?

I've always been creative. During high school I found out
that I enjoyed drawing a lot, and I was actually
pretty good at it. After high school I went to the art academy.

Soon I found out that it wasn't really
                the place where I felt comfortable and happy,

                                  I quit and started fashion and design at AMFI.
                                      But after a while I got the same feeling.
                                       I Missed drawing and painting and got confused.

                                       What is it that I like?

                                      Actually the solution was really simple.
                                      The combination of art and fashion.
                                      Since then I've started my own business
                                         in creating all kind of things
                                          from fashionillustrations to drawings and art.


                                            How did it develop to what you do now?

                                              After my decision to quit the fashion school
                                              and start my own business I took every creative thing
                                               that crossed my path. From fashion illustrations to
                                               to my own clothing label Hollands Oranje.
                                              I really like to experiment with combining
                                                different materials and techniques.
                                                    But most of all I love to work with people from   

                                                                                                      other creative fields.



Liselotte Wijma


Amsterdam, NL





Clients & Publications:

KULT magazine (DE), Rêve magazine (IT), Le vif (BE), PRESTAGE magazine, The Collector, Hoop Doop magazine, De Telegraaf, Metro, Ganbaroo PR PR
Andotherbrands, Code model management, Future Faces Model management De meervaart, NSMBL

Fundraiser: auction for “Get it Done”
Expo: Walls gallery (march 2012), Amsterdam Roest (dec 2011)

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