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5 limiting beliefs that stop you from enjoying life

We all would like to live a joyful life, full of satisfaction and creative flow. We are in search for that one recipe; we try many different ways to know how to live the happy life. I'm on a quest to uncover some of the main limiting beliefs holding people back from enjoying life to the fullest and show you how it affects your creativity.

How to enjoy life

Let's start with the basics. We are spiritual beings having a human experience on this planet. Our thoughts and actions are influenced mainly by our #subconscious mind! Yes, you are not fully aware of everything that is going on in your head. In fact, how we feel and act is often the result of the beliefs we are holding. Let's take a look at the five significant #beliefs that might be limiting you.

1. I have to suffer to be close to God

You might be thinking, no way, I never feel this way and I don't even believe in God. This belief can be rooted in your DNA and passed on to you by ancestors. Scientists prove that we hold beliefs from our ancestors. The religious teachings often created this particular belief.

This belief is often hidden in the subconscious mind of creative people who believe that they can only create an amazing work out of their suffering. It's the feeling you get when you think that your heartbreaks and feeling down will help you create the masterpiece that everyone will love. This limiting belief might be robbing you of the right to enjoy life and create the masterpieces out of love and happiness.

2. I am not enough

We all can see that the mainstream media is selling to us by making us feel like there is not enough for everyone, that is the trick behind sales and last minute discounts that you have to grab before someone else does. Therefore, it is easy to pick it up and carry this in your subconscious mind. It was also created in our ancestors who lived during wars, and hard economic times. Our subconscious does not understand that these times are over now and might be acting out this belief.

If you carry this, it will constrict your creative flow and feeling of joy by putting you in a fight or flight mode at all times. Your subconscious mind assumes that there is not enough for everyone so you need to fight for survival. Therefore, your creative flow which is open mainly when you are relaxed is not in its full capacity.

3. Life is a struggle

This a big one! Many of us carry this one as we are the spiritual beings inside the human body that is limited in many ways. Our being is very powerful and vast, to be put in this body might feel like a struggle. Often people think that we learn more and faster from difficult situations, so that it will show up in our lives as a struggle. The truth is that we can also learn through love and compassion.

4. The truth is secret

This one comes from many years of suppression of psychic abilities like witch hunts and other punishments to people who were healers or shamans.

In your life, this translates into your connection to the Universe being secret so you are not completely open to it. On a global scale, it shows up in a form of many people forgetting that we are spiritual beings not just human beings. The role of this belief is to save you from being oppressed how it used to be many years ago. Again your subconscious mind doesn't know that in today's world you can be using your psychic abilities and be safe. When this belief is active, your connection to the Universe is limited and therefore the flow of life energy is also slow not allowing you to fully feel how great this life is.

5. I am in shackles and chains

It's a belief that again comes from times of great suffering when people where tortured and imprisoned.

People carrying this belief also have a feeling that their body is constricting their being and they don't feel free. It's showing up in people who feel that the system (government) unfairly treats them, and they often feel rebellious against the power of government. It can also be carried on a deep soul level, and therefore it has a feeling of heaviness to it not allowing to enjoy life.

The beauty of this Universe is that we all can start changing these limiting beliefs right now. There are a few steps you can take.

1. Close your eyes and say the limiting belief out loud, feel it, sense it if it resonates within you. Is it a YES or NO.

2. Take that limiting belief and ask yourself if it is true. You will find that it is simply not agreeing with the reality.

3. Find an empowering belief that you can replace it with and practice every time you see that you are acting out this limiting belief in your life.

There is power in acknowledging the limiting belief and consciously replacing it with empowering one. Especially noteworthy is that you should imagine the feeling that the empowering belief brings.

How would it feel to know in the core of your being that "Life is easy and joyful"?.

"Life is a struggle" - change it into - "Life is joyful"

"I am in shackles and chains" - change into - "I am free"

Although there are many different ways to change beliefs, you should find the one that resonates with you and practice regularly.

Enjoy the process of allowing yourself to love this life more.


Ania Orlowska is a creative entrepreneur and energy coach for creative professionals.

Ania has a unique ability to connect people to their Higher Self through understanding the powers of the Universe and how anyone can tap into it to change their lives. She lives in Amsterdam with her daughter Sofia.

Learn more about energy coaching here

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