Why do creative professionals struggle in the pandemic?

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Pandemic time is tough for many creative businesses, like musicians, artists, photographers. We sort of became not essential and completely put aside. I have been pondering about reasons beyond those logical ones as to why creative products and services are the least essential in times like the pandemic and what needs to change to be considered as the higher value.

As an energy healer, I look at the energetics of life, I look beyond the obvious reasons like the one that basic human needs are safety and survival so certainly, it would be illogical to claim that creative work would be as essential as food or medicine.

I look deeper into the play of energy that is causing governments to keep the music events under lock after many other activities like sports events are open.

I would like to look at the situation as the whole big picture, to take a helicopter view and notice the collective consciousness of the creative industry as a whole.

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Limiting beliefs are playing an important role in our lives

The collective consciousness is like a cloud of thought collected from many people holding the same belief about a topic. There are two perspectives to it.

One is the collective consciousness of artists as to what artists think of themselves and their work. Second, the collective consciousness of other people and how they view artists and their work.

When zooming out and assessing the energetic print of the collective of creative professionals, I find some major limiting beliefs held by many.

Limiting beliefs are ideas that are held by our subconscious mind, this affects how we perceive life, how we perceive ourselves.

Limiting beliefs are not always a conscious part of what we believe, often we are not aware of them but it highly affects our decisions, our perceptions, and the way we feel about certain situations. Limiting beliefs are created throughout our lives, most of them being strongly formed in childhood.

The following limiting beliefs are held on a collective level of the creatives:

Limiting belief: My work has no importance

This energy is linked to those who grew up in many generations of people who considered creative work to be just a hobby, who were told that only a school degree is going to give you status in life, that creative work is something extra not what you do for a living. Although the times have changed (especially The Netherlands considers creativity to be a very important part of society), many carry subconscious ideas concerning their work as not being very important, shying away from having an impact as an artist. This may seem like old stories but there are many generations of people who lived this reality of creative work being considered unimportant. These are held on a genetic level.

Limiting belief: Life is a lost battle