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Transform Your Energy, Mindset and Your Reality

You have turned your talents into a business.

You have created a life around your passion.

Your whole being knows your work is powerful and you want the whole world to see it, feel it, be influenced by it.

This work is more than just art, it is a powerful message and you already know that people can feel this.

You want to grow bigger, reach more people, experience more fulfillment.

Your soul is calling you for more, for more impact, more freedom, more satisfaction.

Yet there is some sort of ceiling that keeps you small, the inner deep voices inside don't let you think big and bring your dreams into reality.

You want to experience more satisfaction, wake up every morning feeling alive and excited because your creative work is impacting the world!

If only you could jump above this ceiling into the world -

spread your message

impact the world with your talent

be seen, noticed, and influential

live your life doing what you love in a big way

live in prosperity and abundance of love, money and success​

It is NOT your talent that needs improvement, it's your vibrational state that needs expansion so you can magnetise all that you dream of and more.

to hear your soul's voice more clearly

 to get connected to this higher inspiration

to create masterpieces that are impossible to be overlooked

to emanate divine energy of creation through your work it impacts the world leaving you without any doubt of your greatness and happy to be alive

The time is now to take another step into your dream life as a creative professional,

to become a channel to the universal high vibration to

create the masterpiece - YOU

This transformational program is designed to take you to the next level and it includes:


Group Energy Healing

We are energy, and everything around is energy, your vibe attracts things and people into your life that resonate with your vibration.  Group Energy Healing sessions are designed to change limiting beliefs, shift your vibration so you can attract more of what you desire into your life.


Inner Wisdom Activation

Energy shifts are very powerful and need to be accompanied by action in our daily reality. The online self-study guide is designed to take you step-by-step through the right exercises you need to complete to reconnect to the wisdom within you and practice your new knowledge.

Exercises, mediations and practical information will support you between online sessions.


Mindset Shift

The energy healings combined with the exercises in your self-study guide will transform your mindset so you can think in a more positive and constructive way. A new mindset will create new habits and as a result also a new reality.

Empowering talented professionals to create their dream life doing what they love

This is for you if:

You are a creative person (photographer, music or visual artist) selling your work to clients and motivated to grow your creative business because you want to share your talents with the world

You are ready to reconnect to your inner wisdom and committed to self-development in order to move yourself to the next level in your life and creative business

You are aware of your creative potential and ready to take action that will allow you to inspire more people with your work

You are tired of feeling stuck in your creative business and want to finally understand and change what is holding you back from living out your purpose

Creative Mess
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We may carry many limiting beliefs that are stopping you from fully living and thriving  in our creative business.


Maybe you have been told some of these things:

‘Creativity doesn’t pay, get a university degree’

‘Your hobby is not your job’

‘You will never be rich selling pictures’

'Life is not that easy’

'You have to work hard for what you want’

'You are not that good’

‘Be realistic, stop dreaming’


These blocks stop you from attracting what you really want in life. 


See yourself do more of what you love, impacting more people with your beautiful work and thrive financially.

See and feel how you can share your talent with more clients, have a bigger impact in the world and being generously compensated for it!


Experience what it feels like when you are absolutely confident about your talent when there is no more inner talk that doubts the significance of your mission


You are flowing creative energy of the Universe through you and you are meant to be here doing just that! Your work is of higher value, see yourself understanding this value and being recognized for it. Heal your imposter syndrome and don't shy away from being fully visible as a creative professional. 

Heal your relationship to money and success, realize that there is nothing stopping you from your dream life. When we dissolve old patterns and ancestral obligations you will be free to spread your wings and thrive doing what you love.

New ideas and opportunities will be able to show up. New people who can support and guide you will be able to enter.


Your life will shift as you reconnect with your inner wisdom, intuition, soul. Feel divinely guided and full of self-trust on the way to fulfilling your vision.



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 This 3-month program includes

  • 9 group energy healing sessions live calls

  • Online step-by-step self-study guide to transformation

  • Exercises, guided meditations and workbooks to practice your new mindset

  • 30-min per month access to me by email in between sessions for support 

  • Accountability and follow-up

  • Lifetime access to all the materials

  • Bonus content added in the future with no extra cost


In the process you will

  • Uncover and change major energetic success blocks 

  • Become powerful in healing your past and changing limiting beliefs

  • Understand energetics of life and become deliberate creator 

  • Increase your self value and confidence in yourself and your talents

  • Become magnetic to clients and opportunities

  • Understand the higher value of your creative work and increase your impact

RESULTS DISCLAIMER: The results stated above are results from personal and client results. Results are not typical and these examples are used for reference purposes only. Results will vary depending on (but not limited to) your background, experience, and commitment.


Creative Entrepreneur, Soul Success Mentor and Certified Theta Healer

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My name is Ania and I have been around creatives for as long as I can remember.


When you create, you allow creative energy to flow through you.


You connect to the universal energy. You feel fulfilled and happy. It’s a feeling we can all achieve when we’re engaged in doing something we truly love.


Unfortunately, we sometimes carry subconscious beliefs that hold us back from reaching our true potential. These subconscious messages prevent us from having confidence in our creations and our purpose. They prevent us from building prosperous businesses that sell our creativity.


I am on a journey to help ambitious creatives like you release these blocks and grow your creative success.



Using this mix of intuition, meditation techniques and practical business knowledge, I help you gain the clarity you need to confidently move forward and create the life you've always imagined.


'I’ve been doing more, risking more, trying more…'


I sign up for Ania’s energy coaching sessions without knowing much more than what she already explained to me. We did around 8 sessions, by Skype and a couple of times in person.


During the sessions, I’ve been exposed to very difficult to answer but simple questions that no one has ever asked me before and they had a deep impact on me. I wondered why are not the conversations I am having with my friends? Why are these questions that nobody asks? 


For me, it felt like a therapy that works, we went through interesting questions to understand belief patterns and how they construct themselves in my core, once I could understand that these patterns are an individual built, I felt empowered to own them and to decide whether or not they are useful to me.


After the first sessions, I didn’t feel any different, I was still the same but I noticed that I’ve been doing more, risking more, trying more… Interesting how it worked for me. 


I remember this day after a session, that I decided to make my website, I'm a photographer and a visual artist, and after having my website hacked I didn't make a new one for two years, it took me one day to have a website up and running.


I wasn’t aware of how personal this would be, but it is very personal and Ania assisted me with patience and trust in all the sessions we had. I highly recommended my best creative friends to work with Ania.


 Thiemi Higashi,

photographer and visual artist


This Live Online Program includes:

Successfully Creative Live calls

Digital course material

Call recordings and workbooks

Lifetime access to all the materials

Bonus content added in the future with no extra cost

1999 EUR

499 EUR

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