creatives in media 


Steve Iseger

Amsterdam, NL


Steve Iseger is a Dutch video director who, after graduating from Law School, ignored the excessive expectations of him becoming a lawyer and instead pursued his passion for storytelling through the art of video.

By being gravitated towards fashion, lifestyle and music this resulted in connecting and working with some of the most inspiring and innovating people in the creative industry.

Many projects later, Steve had the privilege to study at the prestigious New York Film Academy in New York City to perfect the art of creative storytelling.


Graphic designer,/vj

jorge cumbre

Amsterdam, NL



VJ is basically someone who cares about what is visually happening in space using the video as the main resource. Depending on few elements, the role of a VJ can be impressive or just ignored. I have a big library of the videos I use on set divided by type (animations, abstracts...) or music style (reggae, dub, dubstep, dnb, techno...). The synchronization with the music is really important but sometimes just creating an atmosphere works as nice. I always like to prepare something before the event but I also really enjoy the improvisation.


Mograph, Designer, Compositor, animator

nicholas maxwell

trinidad and tobago

Visual Fx, Vfx Supervision, Motion Graphics, Compositing.



Numerous Local & Regional & International Advertising Awards

Thierry Tolhuijs is a dutch Freelance Digital Artist, Motion Designer, Creative Director who has a diverse visual style and depth in motion arts, film and music videos.

Early in his professional career, Thierry worked as a 3d animator from there he gradually moved more towards motion design. During this period he collaborated with top creative directors and won several prices. Later on he worked as a Senior/motion designer at numerous companies. He finally start his own studio in the beginning of 2013.

 As a Freelance Digital Artist, Motion Designer, Creative Director he designed for/with some of the most recognized brands, agencies, production houses and broadcast companies.



Freelance Digital Artist | Motion Graphic Design

Thierry Tolhuijs

Amsterdam, NL


  Illustration, Graphic Design, Photo-manipulation 

los angeles, usa


'The best thing about being an artist is the ability to create something that otherwise didn't exist, as an artist I like creating things that no one has ever seen before, things that make people pause and think or get lost in for awhile. I don't have some sort of special formula I  don't really plan or brainstorm or even sketch out my ideas either I freestyle, I go with the flow. It's like there's an endless stream of random abstract shapes, ideas, sounds and imagery zipping through my mind like a thousand birds through the sky. I sample, shape, listen to and mold them all into art.'



liselotte wijma

amsterdam, nl



I create realistic illustrations and animations by mixing pencil drawing with digital illustration, photography and / or paint. 

I'm working from a females prospective. With my work I strive to make the world a bit more even and positive.


   digital Illustration

joanna zalech

olsztyn, pl


I’m a graphic designer but I also love creating illustrations using traditional tools like pencils and pen. 

 I work in Photoshop by merging pictures of models with my pictures of elements or textures surrounding us. I often use the paper forms I make by myself I photograph them and use them as graphics on the images.