1st MONTH - WEEK 2
Successfully Creative 
with Ania Orlowska

Heal, forgive and release the past that has been holding you back

The energy of resentment and regret is very low and takes a lot of space in your energy space. By releasing yourself from these emotions you allow more peace and higher vibration to be your daily state. In turn, higher vibrational emotions magnetise situations and people of higher frequency.

step 1: Forgive people in your life 

Think of at least 3 people in your life that you feel resentment or pain towards.

Even if think you have forgiven them. Do the exercise and see their reaction.

step 2: Heal your inner child

Often the emotions we feel are triggered by certain situations. When you feel overwhelmed by emotions, check in with your inner child and what it needs and reparent it to move forward. 

This graph illustrates the vibrational frequency of different emotions 


The goal is to keep higher vibrational states. Of course, it wouldn't be realistic to always stay there but here are a few daily exercises that help you raise your vibration:

- meditation (stillness and connection to breath and deeper connection to self, listen to guided meditations or simply stay still and go within)

- nature (interaction with nature, can be playing with pets or nature walks, focus on nature sounds and noticing the surroundings)

- movement (dance, stretching, exercise ect. the point is to be present in the moment of movement, to notice and feel your body moving, stay in the moment and feel)

- listening to music (music has power to change our moods, listen to uplifting music and really be present with the words and sounds)


- visualisation (imagining the desirable outcomes, make it very real in your mind, and most of all focus on the feeling you will feel when having this desired outcome, feel it!)

- inspiration (listen to someone who inspires you who speaks right to your soul. 

my favourite examples can be: Mooji, Ekhart Tolle, Esther Hicks.

Find the people who you like and listen to their words, let it sink in and notice if it makes you go 'wow! so true!". It's the universal truth they speak of that makes it feel familiar)


- creative expression (of course :) get into the flow and stay in the moment!)

- healing (use any of the methods I teach to help you heal, sit with yourself and be present with yourself)

- evoke the feeling of love (go back to the moment when you felt love in your heart, remember it , feel it and imagine your heart expand, full of it and now send that love remotely to the person/people you love, imagine how the beam of love light is spreading from your heart and reaches these people) 

step 3:  Learn 3 ways to change your vibration

In this video I teach you how to use energetics to intentionally change your vibration in different situations:

 1. How to change your vibration when your day is going wrong

2. How to switch from 'bad' thoughts and start creating more of what you want

3. How to charge yourself with the vibration you want to project outwards. Useful for example when going to an important meeting, doing an interview, presenting, performing and other occasions.

step 4: Listen to Positive affirmations

You are about to read or listen to series of energetic downloads/affirmations/mantras which were channelled for this program.

These are energetic forms of information to bring positive change to your ideas in the areas of creativity, abundance, money, and influence. 

To be fully open to receiving these new empowering beliefs set your intentions to be open and accepting of all the information for your highest and best good. 

Imagine how the cells of the body open up to absorb this new positive energy. 

Affirmations work best when repeated regularly. Listen to it throughout the whole duration of the program.

My suggestions:

1. You can read it out loud for yourself and record as voice notes to play over 

2. or you can listen to my recording below

3. I also like to pick the ones that speak to me the most and set reminders in the phone to pop up a few times a day to remind you about this truth

Affirmations Audio
00:00 / 06:24

I am love

Love is where I came from and where I’m heading

I am a magnificent creator of my reality

I have the power to create my own life 


I connect to my soul with ease, it speaks to me openly at any moment

I am open to receiving information and inspiration from my soul

I am the channel to universal wisdom and truth and I receive it at any moment

I allow this energy to inspire me and fill me with joy, excitement, and peace


I am at peace with myself

I am in contact with the universe 

I am a loving expression of myself

I know how to fully express myself in words, work, and relationships

I create fulfilling relationships with others 


My reality is the expression of my highest self

My highest self and my highest ideals are expressed in my life

I am an inspiration for others without burden and suffering


I am free to create at any moment

I create work out of my soul desires that inspire others

I am abundantly rewarded for it

I allow financial stability and abundance to be present in my life


I am a magnet to money

Money is positive energy flowing into my life

I allow abundance to come into my life

I know how to receive and accept abundance


I am a higher expression of truth and my work speaks for it

I am always inspired

I am true to myself

I am loved, needed, wanted, and important

I am here to serve with my creative work to be the highest expression of universal truth

I become a channel to the universal energy for my highest and best, in the highest and best way


I know what abundance feels like and I allow it to come into all areas of my life

All areas of my life blossom and are filled with the energy of abundance, money, and positive energy

I am supported by money, money loves me

I am supported by the energy of creation

I am a magnet to money, abundance, and inspiration


I am always connected to my soul

I am free to walk my path to express myself without stopping myself and trying to prove and fit in

This true expression of myself is the highest inspiration to others

I believe in myself completely

The confidence needed to succeed is already within me

I know how to create a thriving business 

I know how to be a business person while creating and be focused on business and creative work

I let go of procrastination and self-sabotage

I am motivated by my soul desires and my purpose and love

I know what motivation is 

I am motivated to be the highest version of myself

I know my life is meant to be magnificent and amazing and I create a life free of struggle full of love, abundance, and freedom


I know how to have an impact in this world as it is meant by my soul 

I am free to have this impact and inspire others

I know the value of my work is the highest value of all

There is enough for everyone 

The universe is abundant and it supports me and my creativity

Creativity is my birthright I am open to receive any inspiration ideas and motivation

I am guided and supported divinely 

I know how to connect to my guidance, to my guides, angels, and divine energies that support me

I know how to implement guidance into my life

I am open to hearing and receiving this guidance in my life


I know how to connect to the highest version of myself

I know how to connect to my vision, how to create a vision of business and life guided by soul desires

I know how to achieve them without struggle fight and sacrifice

Life is meant to be easy and abundant 

I know what freedom is and how it feels like to be free to express myself

It's safe to express myself fully

I am guided to be the fullest expression of myself and my soul 

I am allowing my soul to express itself thru me and my work

I allow my work to speak for itself and my work emanates the energy of the creation

I know how to reach soul-aligned clients and be appreciated, respected, recognized and what it feels like 


I am the highest expression of the creator

I have a brilliant businessman mind that allows to me create a thriving business

I know what a freedom lifestyle is and what it means to me

Freedom is the highest expression of my soul and it is shown in my reality

I am open and available for passive income streams

My reality is an expression of my soul


I have a vibrant health that supports my mission

I know how to listen to my body and replenish my energy

I know how to move forward in my life with ease and grace

Success is my birthright and I know how to achieve it

I know what success means to me and how to express it into my reality

I am open to success and feeling successful

I am proud of myself

I appreciate myself

I know how to show myself the love I fully deserve


I know now how it feels like to live in the world of infinite possibilities

I know how to live in abundant world where everything that happens has its higher purpose and understanding

I know how to live in the flow of life