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1st MONTH - WEEK 3
Successfully Creative 
with Ania Orlowska

Empower yourself to change your life by changing your limiting beliefs

Our limiting beliefs are residing in our subconscious mind so we are not aware of them. Some of the beliefs are passed on in our DNA, some acquired in this life from life experiences. First step is awareness that will start the process of shifting them. Muscle testing helps you uncover the beliefs you are holding.

step 1: Learn how to muscle test  

Alternatively watch this video below for more explanation and other muscle testing techniques.

step 2: Test these limiting beliefs

Test the following beliefs. Write down which of these you hold and start the process of changing it as shown below.

I am unworthy of love

I am powerless


Life is a struggle

I have to suffer to create


Money is hard to get

Money is evil


It’s unsafe to be visible

I am nobody


Change is painful

I am destined to fail

I have to control my life


I am unworthy of success

Success comes with sacrifice


I am stuck in this reality

I am lost

I am unable to move forward


I am separate from God

God is my saviour

There is enough for everyone

I am allowed to live in abundance

I have to be alone to be happy

I have to be poor to serve God

Moving forward in life is painful

I am stuck in this reality

I have to be saved

My life is series of unfortunate events

I am a slave to my emotions

I need pain to create

I need pain to learn

I have to give up my power to get inspiration

step 3: Change limiting beliefs

This process will help you shift the beliefs. 

How to reprogram your mind to shift limiting beliefs.



  1. Identify the belief using testing method in the video

  2. Ask yourself: How this belief was created?
    What positive things did I learn from having this belief?Write down all the positive qualities.

  3.  Ask yourself:
    How does this belief serve me in my life?
    Write down the benefits of holding onto this belief

  4. Forgive yourself and anyone involved in creating this belief and move on.

  5. Come up with more empowering belief that resonates with you to replace the old one

  6. Acknowledge the new, positive feelings. How will you feel having this new belief?











Life is a struggle


What positive qualities do I learn from having this belief:


how to be strong

how to survive

how to solve problems

how to become independent

how to take care of myself

How to fight for what I want

How does it serve you to have it?


It keeps me from being spoiled and lazy

Motivates me to learn new things

Motivates me to be strong

Allows me to be financially supported by my family/friends

Allows me to avoid taking full responsibility for my life


Forgive people involved:

eg. my father used to tell me that I am useless and will always struggle in life. I forgive him to set myself free of this energetic blueprint.




‘life is easy’


Consider this change:


If my life is easy I can be motivated to learn by learning my soul desires instead of having struggle to motivate me.

I can still be strong and independent and financially supported by my family/friends out of love and care not the need of hardship in my life

I am free to take responsibility of my life since it’s not a heavy responsibility


How do you feel with this new belief?


I feel more ease and happiness from life

I feel more motivated to do what I love without fear of going thru struggle

I feel relieved

I am unworthy of love


What positive qualities do I learn from having this belief:


How to please others

How to get along with others

How to take care of others

I learn compassion and care

I learn how to take care of myself

I learn self-love



How does it serve you to have it:

I have to prove my worth so it motivates me to be a good person

It allows me to be a victim and be saved by others

It motivates me to find myself and love myself

Forgive my mother for making me feel like I don't deserve love because she was a narcissist.



“I am worthy and deserving of love”


Consider this:


It’s my birthright to be loved so I no longer have to prove my worth to others so I can focus on being loving and sharing my talents with the world. By sharing my talents with the world I show care and compassion. I can take care of myself to be full of love and be able to give love to others.



How do you feel with this new belief?


I feel relieved that I no longer have to prove myself

I feel happy to be able to give love freely

I feel loved and lovable

For better understanding of the process you can listen to this recording where I give an example of changing a belief  "artists are poor".

Change belief processwith Ania Orlowska
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Possible add-ons to the program



I want to support you fully in this work.

One -on - one healing sessions go deeply into the issue and

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sessions take about 1 hour each

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schedule the sessions once a week or biweekly


Possible add-ons to the program



If you participate in the self-study only program, you can always upgrade to live sessions (check the nearest start date)

Group Live sessions give you opportunity to shift faster through energy clearings in each call.

sessions take about 1,5 hours each

upgrade paying only the price difference

sessions happen once a week


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