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Ania Orlowska Empowered Living package


 3-Month One-on-One Healing and Coaching Package for a woman who feels deeply that she deserves more and is ready to release blocks to confidently move forward and create the life she has always envisioned



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Are you feeling stuck in your current life, unable to overcome roadblocks and live up to your true potential?


Maybe you yearn for more satisfaction, success, and fulfillment. But somehow you still haven't got to where you want to be. 

I get it, in today's society, there is so much pressure put on women to achieve certain things, to look a certain way to have the perfect career, life, and family...


The list goes on. It can feel overwhelming and easy to feel like you have lost your sense of self.

But it doesn't have to stay this way for you… 

➡️ You've explored basic manifesting techniques


➡️ You've dabbled in self-development work, read books, and listened to podcasts


➡️ Maybe you have even sought help from someone before!


You have knowledge yet you lack clear direction and wonder, "What's wrong?"


You are independent, strong, ambitious, and capable. Yet, your reality still looks like this…:


👉 You have found yourself living in an environment that no longer aligns with your desires, and you are ready to start a new chapter in your life 


👉 You feel like you are stuck in a state of stagnation in your career or own business. You instead want to know exactly what to do to relight the fire


👉 Despite your achievements, something seems to be missing, and your reality doesn't align with your dreams so you fall into procrastination, lose track of your goals and become demotivated when things don’t work out


👉 You're constantly running around for others, as a busy parent, in your workplace etc. You deeply care about others but you know now is the time to put yourself first!


👉 You haven't received the recognition and appreciation you deserve in the part that has left you feeling unseen and undervalued. You are ready to ditch the self-doubt and overcome these roadblocks and feel EMPOWERED!


This is exactly what this high-touch and intimate 1:1 container will help you with.

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This 3 month one-to-one package is designed for women who are ready to make a change in their life.


Whether that's starting a new career, pursuing a passion or embarking on a new adventure, growing your own business with confidence, or creating healthy and long-lasting relationships.


It will help you identify your strengths, gain clarity on what you really want from life, and overcome any roadblocks currently keeping you stuck by healing your relationship with yourself, all with the support of someone who has been where you are now and can hold you accountable while you go through inner transformation using my process.

In this high-touch container I will meet you where you are at now and together we will work to reach your specific goals and milestones.

Image by averie woodard
Image by averie woodard

Imagine a life where you can:

✨ Break free from the feelings of "should" and fearlessly follow your passion.

✨ Curate your ideal life and accomplish your goals while experiencing true fulfillment.

✨ Heal your relationship with yourself, building self-worth and self-trust.

✨ Set clear goals, reach your potential, and arrive at your destination faster while embracing connection with yourself.

✨ Relight the fire within you and regain the joy and enthusiasm for life.

✨ Overcome financial limitations and live a life of abundance.

✨ Reclaim your personal power and cultivate unwavering self-belief, empowering you to embrace your potential and achieve your goals.


It really is possible for you to have it ALL

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During our one-on-one sessions, I will use Theta Healing to uncover and remove deep-seated limiting beliefs that hinder your progress. 


Intuitive coaching

Through intuitive coaching, I will guide you in identifying your blind spots and overcoming the obstacles preventing you from reaching your goals and creating the life you truly love.


Meditations and energetic tools

You will also have access to guided meditations and powerful exercises that will support your transformation between our sessions. You will be equipped with all the tools you need to move forward and create a life of fulfillment. 




  • six online healing sessions

  • three coaching sessions

  • online exercises and guidance

  • access to me via WhatsApp

  • lifetime access to online materials

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Creative Entrepreneur, Personal Growth Expert and Certified Theta Healer

Ania Orlowska - How to Heal My Life

 Allow me to introduce myself. 


I'm Ania, a creative entrepreneur and certified Theta Healer. From growing up in Poland to studying and working in media and entertainment management globally, I developed a passion for supporting talented people. Creating businesses, I sought to promote their talents. However, life threw me off balance with challenges, failing relationships, and a stroke at age of 33. Seeking help, I discovered Theta Healing and transformed my life. 


Now certified as an Advanced Theta Healer, I offer programs like this, empowering others to shift their beliefs and embrace their true potential. 

Living in Amsterdam with my daughter Sofia, I help people tap into their inner selves for fulfillment and alignment.


Now, I want to take you on a transformative journey, to help you take back control and finally create the life you have always dreamed of!


It's time to let go of unworthiness, fear of failure, lack of self-confidence, and the feeling of not being good enough. Start embracing self-acceptance, loving relationships, inner peace, deep worthiness, and the flow of love and life. You will develop stronger boundaries, feel empowered, and align with your soul's desires. It's time for you to be seen and celebrated for the value you deliver.

Here is what others experienced working with me:

Testimonial for Ania Orlowska
Review for Ania Orlowska
Review for Ania Orlowska
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1299 EUR

3 MONTH Payment plans available starting at 440 EUR per month








Image by Susanne Schwarz


'I think healing & coaching with Ania is for those who are searching for their best career path to feel fulfilled, to have the famous mojo when working on the project, but most importantly it is for those who crave for a change and greater clarity in regards what they really want and how to achieve it.


Ania guided me through different stages of my beliefs that are causing lack of clarity. Ania understands what are you looking for to work on. She explained along the way how these beliefs affect me in my life.

First, you are guided to identify the belief, and once it is clear, she helps you to change it.


My experience after a session with Ania?

There was of emotions coming up, moments of very intense feelings. The good side of it is that now I am actually very aware of them. I discovered many old patterns.


My intuition was very awakened, my face radiant and smiley, and I felt like there is light all around me. I also feel the energy of the places with greater intensity.


After a session, I feel I am able to apply what I have learned during the session and use it as a practice in my daily life to continue with the healing. That feels really good as by understanding the process you are gaining a new tool for yourself.


Ania is very intuitive and supportive. She is a great help with not only changing the beliefs but guiding you through the process in such a way that you feel really well taken care of.


Before the session, I had few doubts, as opening up to a stranger and showing your emotions can be a bit too much for some. Now I can tell that there is no place for it in these sessions. No one is judging you, nor your beliefs. You are just two beings connected with the Universe.'

- Aga Gang

Don't let another day go by without taking a step toward the life you love. Schedule a free call with me, Ania, and let's discuss how this program can transform your life. 

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