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Healing and Coaching Self-study Program for people who want to take charge

and consciously create a life of fulfillment and purpose

Become the highest version of yourself to create a life full of fulfillment and purpose on your terms using energetics, mindset and your personal power.

Ania Orlowska - How to Heal My  Life - Empowered Self
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✨ Are you an ambitious, independent and strong individual with a whole list of ideas on how you want to live your life but your reality doesn’t look like you deeply imagined it?

✨ Are you the go-getter, not shying away from going for what you want yet you are feeling like you are never quite where you want to be. 

✨ You feel like you are hitting some kind of ceiling where you are almost reaching what you want to only fall back to self-doubt and old limitations. 

✨ You have done self-development work and followed different self-improvement programs but these only got you small results? 


You are wondering what is the missing piece to finally be and have all that you want so you can live life on your terms. 

The reason why you feel stuck has nothing to do with your qualities and strengths and all to do with your connection to your inner power, the ability to tap into your intuition and inner guidance system that provides insights and wisdom beyond logical reasoning.


It’s the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind that keep you in the loop to almost achieving your goals and falling back into the old patterns and self-doubt.


This is why strategies on reaching the goals, like making the plan of action, following to do list or even affirmations, don’t work because the connection to yourself is the answer

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Image by Brooke Cagle


👉 You are empowered to recognize, observe and change the patterns and limitations of your own mind so you can release the blocks and you can hit your next milestone in life

👉 Gain clarity on what stops you from reaching your goals and know the direction you are heading to create the impact you desire. 

👉 Have the energetic tools that help you navigate life and intentionally create what you want without hassle but through connection to your inner guidance. 

👉 Replace the voice of self-doubt and criticism by deep compassion and self-love so you can create your life from the place of true desire.

👉 Release the hold of your past experiences and traumas to move forward with confidence so you can fully become the deliberate creator of your life while honoring yourself and your needs.


This is exactly what this self-study online program will do for you!


This program is designed for people who are ready to become intentional creators of their life. Whether you are starting a new career, pursuing a passion or embarking on a new adventure or growing your own business with confidence. 

It will help you identify your strengths, gain clarity on what keeps you stuck and have the ability to overcome any roadblocks currently keeping you in the loop by reconnecting you to your personal power and inner guidance, all with the framework of someone who has been where you are now and who takes you through a proven process of transformation.


You will go through a 3-step process: 

Image by Bernard Hermant

1.Clarity and discovering your roadblocks

Gain clarity on what is keeping you stuck and where you self-sabotage and why. Then connect to your vision on what you truly want to create.

Understand deeply yourself and your strengths and how to use them to create your life.

Image by Bernard Hermant

2. Healing relationship with yourself & gaining confidence 

Go through self-healing as a powerful creator of your own life. Unlock the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your life’s success. Reconnect to your inner power.

Image by Henry & Co.

3. Stepping into your leadership and creating abundance

Use your new required abilities to intentionally create anything you want through attracting the right opportunities and people, energetically raising your ability to receive wealth and abundance in your life and understanding what kind of impact you create in your life.

The tools used in the program will help you unlock your true potential:


Energy clearings 

These guided meditations are designed to unlock the limiting beliefs and give you clarity on who you are while reminding you of your own power to change and deliberately create what you want.



I guide you through a thought process to uncover your limitations and empower you through guided meditations to instantly change them.


Video tutorials 

With many videos across the program I guide you through the transformation process and give you step by step energetic tools that you need to become the self-appointed leader of your own life and take charge.


'After our last session an old project came back to live. I start next week!'

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Don't let fear of failure hold you back any longer.

Take the leap and step into your greatness.

Sign up for EMPOWERED SELF now and create a life that's truly worth living.

Your dreams are waiting for you.

 This program includes

> 12 modules, best completed in 3 months

> exercises, guided meditations and workbooks

> lifetime access to all the materials

> bonus content added in the future

RESULTS DISCLAIMER: The results stated above are results from personal and client results. Results are not typical and these examples are used for reference purposes only. Results will vary depending on (but not limited to) your background, experience, and commitment.

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Creative Entrepreneur, Advisor and Certified Intuitive Healer

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I'm Ania, a creative entrepreneur and certified Theta Healer. From growing up in Poland to studying and working in media and entertainment management globally, I developed a passion for supporting talented people. Creating businesses, I sought to promote their talents. However, life threw me off balance with challenges, failing relationships, and a stroke at age of 33. Seeking help, I discovered Theta Healing and transformed my life. 


Now certified as an Advanced Theta Healer, I offer programs like this, empowering others to shift their beliefs and embrace their true potential. 

Living in Amsterdam with my daughter Sofia, I help people tap into their inner selves for fulfillment and alignment.


Now, I want to take you on a transformative journey, to help you take back control and finally create the life you have always dreamed of!


It's time to let go of unworthiness, fear of failure, lack of self-confidence, and the feeling of not being good enough. Start embracing self-acceptance, loving relationships, inner peace, deep worthiness, and the flow of love and life. You will develop a stronger understanding of yourself, feel empowered, and align with your soul's desires. It's time for you to become the leader of your life and intentionally create fulfillment, abundance and purpose.


 Gwen Sierra

Photographer, Film maker,

Visual artist

Don’t let another day go without you taking charge of your life and creating

your dreams.

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