with Ania Orlowska

Energy Healer & Advisor for Creative Entrepreneurs

Attract more clients.  Have full confidence.  
Increase your impact. Reconnect with your inner wisdom.

You have created a business around your passion. You get paid to create and share your talents.  Some days you have so many ideas and clients flow in.


Other days you have no creative flow at all and business is not consistent.


One moment you’re on top of the world and the next, consumed by self-doubt.

Is my work good enough? Will I ever be able to have a successful creative business?


If only you knew how to move to the next level to create more and thrive financially

You just need to shift your mindset and become more magnetic to clients, confident, and successful doing what you love. 


My exclusive one-on-one healing and coaching sessions empower photographers, freelance artists, and creative business owners to have full confidence, attract more clients, increase their impact and have a thriving creative business.

Using energy healing to change limiting beliefs I empower them to recognise the deep value of their work, reconnect with their purpose, inner wisdom, and create a success mindset.


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When you change your limiting beliefs you start to think and act differently. You begin to see new possibilities and shifts in your reality.



Your energy is what you attract. When you raise your vibration and align your inner thoughts with what you want, you attract different people and circumstances.



By shifting your perception of your creative work and strengthening your connection to the Universe, you receive all the inspiration you need.



You have a higher purpose on this planet, and a message to share. When you discover it, you allow the Universe to support you in creating and selling more.


'I’ve been doing more, risking more, trying more…'


I sign up for Ania’s energy coaching sessions without knowing much more than what she already explained to me. We did around 8 sessions, by Skype and a couple of times in person.


During the sessions, I’ve been exposed to very difficult to answer but simple questions that no one has ever asked me before and they had a deep impact on me. I wondered why are not the conversations I am having with my friends? Why are these questions that nobody asks? 


For me, it felt like a therapy that works, we went through interesting questions to understand belief patterns and how they construct themselves in my core, once I could understand that these patterns are an individual built, I felt empowered to own them and to decide whether or not they are useful to me.


After the first sessions, I didn’t feel any different, I was still the same but I noticed that I’ve been doing more, risking more, trying more… Interesting how it worked for me. 


I remember this day after a session, that I decided to make my website, I'm a photographer and a visual artist, and after having my website hacked I didn't make a new one for two years, it took me one day to have a website up and running.


I wasn’t aware of how personal this would be, but it is very personal and Ania assisted me with patience and trust in all the sessions we had. I highly recommended my best creative friends to do energy coaching with Ania.


 Thiemi Higashi,

photographer and visual artist


Creative Entrepreneur, Advisor and Certified Theta Healer

My name is Ania and I have been around creatives for as long as I can remember.


When you create, you allow creative energy to flow through you.


You connect to the universal energy. You feel fulfilled and happy. It’s a feeling we can all achieve when we’re engaged in doing something we truly love.


Unfortunately, we sometimes carry subconscious beliefs that hold us back from reaching our true potential. These subconscious messages prevent us from having confidence in our creations. They prevent us from building prosperous businesses that sell our creativity.


I am on a journey to help ambitious creatives like you release these blocks and grow your creative success.



Using this mix of intuition, meditation techniques and practical business knowledge, I help you gain the clarity you need to confidently move forward and create the life you've always imagined.


30-min introduction chat to discuss your goals and see how my program can help you achieve them. 

Discovery Call
30 min
Service is free

In this session we will focus on your most urgent matters and change limiting beliefs into empowering ones.

Energy Healing Session
1 hr
Next Level Creative Biz
12 hr
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  • 90 days, 10 X 1 hour energy healing session

  • A personalised energy reading and clearing in each session

  • Online step-by-step self-study guide to transformation

  • Exercises, meditations and homework to practice your new mindset

  • 30-min monthly access to me by email in between sessions for support and guidance

  • Accountability and follow-up   




What will we work on in the sessions?

Each person is different, and I am intuitively guided to sense what needs to be addressed. We will explore factors getting in the way of you fulfilling your creative potential: beliefs around expressing yourself; money beliefs; self-worth; deserving the abundance; visibility; 'starving artist' syndrome; connection to the Creator; and more.


What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is a meditation technique that works by accessing the subconscious mind in order to change limiting beliefs and feelings into empowering ones. When we change what we believe, we change how we feel, which leads to making different choices and taking new actions.


What will the sessions be like?

The sessions can be done over the phone or via a Skype call. We don't have to meet in person. The session will be like a regular conversation where I will be exploring your beliefs and asking questions that will help us uncover the limiting beliefs you are holding. You will be totally conscious and aware of what you are saying. I will connect to the energy of the Universe and request the changes, this can be done only with your permission.



If you have any other questions, email: ania@aniaorlowska.com 


Easy exercises to discover your higher creative purpose, uncover limiting beliefs, and more.


Strategies to connect to the Universal creative energy and unlock your creative potential.

Experience an energy clearing meditation

Connect to the energy of the Universe and clear some of the limiting beliefs holding you back in this free guided meditation.

  • Clear the fear of fully connecting to the Universe

  • Connect to your heart to receive more creative inspiration

  • Clear the blocks preventing you from living your life's purpose

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