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Donn Thompson

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Donn Thompson
About Donn Thompson of DRACINC


Born in the Bahamas, New York based, award-winning photographer, Donn Thompson steers his way through the fashion, beauty, advertising, lifestyle, and entertainment industry with an affluence of knowledge and experience. His acute eye for detail, sense of light and balance, are the essential factors that have made him one of the more “in demand” photographers. Donn’s proficiency in hues, forms and shapes, blended with his signature lighting style are never unheeded.


Donn attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he polished his artistic skills as a painter and photographer. Thereafter, he worked as a graphic artist and has grown abundantly to become the creative director for a few major magazines, set designer, lighting producer/supervisor for many runway shows worldwide. His first major job was advertising for the prestigious Empire Hotel in New York City. Subsequently, Donn initiated his professional photographer career at Seltzer Studios in New York City.  Donn has traveled the world shooting in exotic locations throughout Africa, The Caribbean, Europe, and Asia


In 1996, Donn formed his own company, Drac Inc.. Drac Inc. has a first class professional team of graphic artists, web designers, hair stylists, make-up artists and wardrobe stylists. Throughout the years, the company has produced major projects such as Ad Campaigns, Fashion Spreads, Magazines and Magazine Covers, Album Covers, Look books and beyond.



Donn’s has worked with Dr. Dre, Warren G., Erykah Badu, Anna Maria Horsford, Trinity 5 7, Samuel Jackson, Luda Cris, Lady Saw, Vogue Magazine, Vivia Magazine, Profiles 98, Black Enterprise, Essence, Upscale, Ebony, Nike, HBO, MCA Records, Sony Records, Universal Records, Fashion Designers and Clothing Lines and many others.  His work has been showcased within and on the covers of many books and other publications.

Donn continues to perfect the art of photography and always looks for ways to take it to the next plateau.

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