Jorge Cumbre

Graphic & Multimedia Designer / Video editor / VJ (Piss&LaughTV)

Creative Area: Media

Location: Amsterdam, NL


Jorge Cumbre about Vj-ing


VJ is basically someone who cares about what is visually happening in space using the video as the main resource. Depending on few elements, the role of a VJ can be impressive or just ignored. I have a big library of the videos I use on set divided by type (animations, abstracts...) or music style (reggae, dub, dubstep, dnb, techno...). The synchronization with the music is really important but sometimes just creating an atmosphere works as nice. I always like to prepare something before the event but I also really enjoy the improvisation.

I check many websites where I find interesting videos. Normally I like to spend long nights just watching videos, sometimes I find really treasures to keep. I love my profession as graphic and multimedia designer but after many years of working in the same field I really wanted to be involved with videos. I started playing videos for some DJ friends in small bars and houses bringing my own beamer until I started to play in better venues. VJ-ing is getting quite popular little by little. I do not consider myself an artist but I know many VJ’s who say that about themselves. I have to say that having a computer and a video mixer software does not make you an artist…



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