Thierry Tolhuijs

Freelance Digital Artist | Motion Graphic Design | Post production

Amsterdam, NL

A collaboration between Robin Hendriks & Thierry Tolhuijs. Thierry created all the GFX ink to footage transitions.


Videoclip of Frank Haag - The Future Is Absurd EP on Serialism Records



Producer: Robin Hendriks
GFX: Thierry Tolhuijs



Thierry Tolhuijs is a dutch Freelance Digital Artist, Motion Designer, Creative Director who has a diverse visual style and depth in motion arts, film and music videos.


From a young age, Thierry naturally gravitated to drawing and would spend countless hours creating illustrations, comics and graffiti related imagery. His passion for art, drawing and graffiti, combined with his love for moving imagery, naturally led him to pursue a career in the motion design industry.


He then went on to study graphic design at S.I.S.A in Antwerp. Early in his professional career, Thierry worked as a 3d animator from there he gradually moved more towards motion design. During this period he collaborated with top creative directors and won several prices. Later on he worked as a Senior/motion designer at numerous companies. He finally start his own studio in the beginning of 2013.


As a Freelance Digital Artist, Motion Designer, Creative Director he designed for/with some of the most recognized brands, agencies, production houses and broadcast companies.


Thierry Tolhuijs - Stills from vidoeclip Frank Haag -

The Future Is Absurd